Energy Drink Market – History, Growth, Projections, Trends and the Uncertain Future of Energy Drinks

The energy drink market does not seem to stop its rapid growth. Energy drinks have made themselves a staple in certain sectors and has begun to branch successfully into several other niche sectors.

When a large number of consumers jumped into the energy drink craze, the big energy drink companies began producing more extreme (and some might say, more shameless) products. When another group voiced their opposition to what they saw as big companies pushing unhealthy drinks to the youth, the companies began producing alternatives that were marketed towards the health-conscious sector looking for natural and healthy benefits.

Now it seems there is a specific type for everyone. Although the growth of the energy drink market has slowed since the original explosion a few years back, it has yet to stop. It seems the market has been established and these drinks are here to stay. Despite the continual surfacing of numerous reports indicating the dangers of the high levels of caffeine in these drinks, it seems the energy drink companies feel the health dangers and concerns are worth the risk considering the massive profit.

The History of the Energy Drink Market

Athough energy drinks have been around for a long time, the explosive birth of the energy drink market in the United States happened in 1997 when Red Bull was brought to the masses. This product was originally made by a company in Thailand called Krating Daeng, but has been marketed worldwide by the Austrian company Red Bull GmbH. Ever since its introduction in 1997, Red Bull has been the top-selling drink of its kind with about 65% of the market share.

Originally marketed towards students and young people who wanted a boost to help them stay up studying for tests or for endurance during sports, Red Bull soon infiltrated an even bigger sector when it established itself as the newest and hottest cocktail mixer. Today, the Red Bull Vodka is one of the most popular cocktails amongst young clubbers and bar-hoppers as it provides a stimulant to counter the depressant that is alcohol.

Because the primary consumers of the drink were young and “extreme” people, any and all health concerns that began to be raised about the caffeine levels and dangerous ingredients in energy drinks only helped to make the product more appealing to its primary targets.

Brands like Rockstar and Monster began to emerge, targeting themselves towards the young, extreme crowd through their names and packaging and by sponsoring music festivals and extreme sporting events. The young, urban hip hop market was won over by the energy drinks sponsored by hip hop artists, including Nelly’s Pimp Juice, Lil Jon’s Crunk!!! and Kanye West’s TBD Guru Energy.

Seeing the success of many companies playing up the illicit nature of these products, even more extreme brands have since emerged, including Cocaine Energy (which has been banned and re-released twice since its conception), Blow Energy Mix (which is labeled as “pure uncut energy” packaged in a vial of white powder) and Pussy Energy Drink (which really requires no introduction).

In addition to these, healthy and natural versions of these thinks have also emerged on the scene, appealing to those people who feel they need an energy boost but cannot ignore the many new stories about people collapsing of heart failure and seizures upon excessive consumption.

FRS Healthy Energy, ACT Energy, Verve Energy and XS Energy have begun to take the alternative energy drink market while the more mainstream brands release low-carb, sugar-free and diet versions of their drinks.

Growth and Projections of the Energy Drink Market

After its birth in the US in 1997, this market grew to about 400 million per fiscal year by the year 2001. By 2005, it had reached about $4 billion and now that it’s growing at an annual rate of approximately 12%, it is projected to surpass the $9 billion mark by 2011.

It is estimated that the current United States market share for Red Bull is approximately 40%, with Monster behind at about 23%, Rockstar at around 8% and Full Throttle in at about 4%. The general demographic for this market as a whole is under 35 years of age and predominantly male. Diet energy drinks as well as the natural and healthy alternatives are skyrocketing in sales as they’re pulling the health and fitness market as well as the female and slightly older demographic.

Trends in the Energy Drink Market

The explosion of energy shots proves that this niche market boom is not ready to die down just yet. In 2008, sales of this specific sector of the market came in at approximately $560 million and continues to grow. These tiny 2 or 3 ounce drinks are selling for up to $3 per shot with 5-Hour Energy leading the pack in sales and popularity.

On the exact opposite end of the spectrum, we’ve seen a growth since 2002 of these drinks being packaged in larger cans. Many countries (including the U.S. and Canada) have limited the amount of caffeine per serving in these drinks. In response to this, we’ve seen many companies (including Monster and Rockstar) sidestepping this by simply packing two servings into one can.

2007 saw the emergence of energy powders and tablets marketed as the more convenient and portable form of energy for athletes and people on the go.

The Future of the Energy Drink Market

With brands like Cocaine, Blow and Pussy still catching the eye and loosening the purse strings of consumers, we’ll likely see the birth of more and more outlandish and extreme brand names designed to piss off parents and make young people feel cool and wild enough that it’s worth the $2-3 a pop.

Enough people will remain skeptical, steadfast and outspoken enough that the healthy energy supplement market will likely continue to grow with more and more featuring herbal ingredients like green tea extract, ginkgo biloba and ginseng. The companies will continue to appear more transparent with the truth about energy supplement nutrition as well as the real ingredients they contain. Whether pure truth will actually surface and whether consumers will actually take caution is another story.

Will we see enough publicity surrounding the dangers of these drinks to actually give their market a good scare? Unlikely. Our country is obese and dying of diabetes and heart disease too, but we don’t seem to change our ways despite our awareness. It’s the weakness of human nature up against the power of the market. And it doesn’t seem the energy drink market is any different.

Vagina Tightening Products

Intivar is a vagina rejuvenation product which you can apply to your vagina to tighten it up. It is a sanative gel which can be put on your vagina five minutes before you participate in sex. Once you apply it on your vagina, it will constrict the outer walls of your pussy and rejuvenate it to the state it was while you were still a youth. In addition to tightening your vagina, the vaginal rejuvenation gel will also assist in enhancing your vagina sensitiveness and heighten your chances of getting mind-blowing orgasms.

A way to getting lasting vagina tightening is to make use of Intivar everyday. As you use it everyday, it will completely rejuvenate your vagina with time and hinder any prospect aging. A time will come when you will not have to use Intivar again. Do you know that 99% of men from around the world prefer vagina that is tight? There are up to four conditions which lead to loose vagina, they are age, regularity of intercourse, number of sexual lovers and general health status.

The method of using Intivar is not hard at all. All you have to do is to apply two pumps of this spray deep inside your pussy before five minutes of getting into sexual intercourse to tighten your pussy and pleasure you will get from sex. You need to make use of it everyday to intensify your results and kick away vaginal aging.

Intivar is generally safe to use. It does not have any harmful effects. This product is created from an ancient recipe from China. It is a herbal product. For more than a hundred years now, its herbs have been in use without causing any harmful effect to its users.

Intivar is a great alternative to vagina rejuvenation surgery. The surgical name of this procedure is referred to as vaginopasty. The ingredients for making Intivar are namely glycerine, aloe, lecithin, brown diethylene glyceal and vinegar.

Another alternative of Intivar to the use is Instant virgin. Instant virgin is a vaginal rejuvenation spray. Its difference from Intivar is that instant virgin is in spray form while the other product is in gel form. Both of them still perform the same function of tightening your vaginal muscles. Another difference can be seen in the price of these two vagina tightening prices. Intivar costs $52.50 per bottle while instant virgin costs around $49.95. From the look of things instant virgin is cheaper than the other one, but intivar works more effective than the other one.

Sex Toys for Long-Distance Lovers

Internet access via computer and smartphone have opened up a lot of opportunity for long-distance lovers to maintain intimacy – and that includes sexual intimacy. This is important, since sexual health is crucial both for the well-being of each partner and for nearly any relationship. From sexting to Snapchat to video chatting, partners can enjoy one another’s bodies from afar. While these forms of long-distance intimacy are great, advances in technology are now making it possible for people to more directly pleasure one another, fostering greater connections between spread-out lovers. Anyone with a partner far away should know about the following sex toys.


This his-and-hers toy set is truly a marvel of the modern world. It comes with the Nora – a dildo with a clitoral stimulator for her – and the Max – a masturbation sleeve for him. The toys are controlled via an app, which acts like a remote. The Nora dildo has rotating beads inside it and a vibrating arm for outside, the speeds of which can be controlled; the Max sleeve contains an air pump that contracts to mimic vaginal contractions, and it vibrates as well – speed of contractions and vibration can be controlled.

Partners can control their own toys for solo play, but the true magic of the Lovense set comes from the fact that the toys can interact with one another via the app. That means that, when she cranks up the rotating beads/vibration of her Nora, his Max contracts and vibrates faster, and vice versa. This interactivity of the toys gets long-distance lovers as close to having sex with one another as is likely possible. The set will run from $200-$400, which isn’t anything to sneeze at, but it may be worth it for partners who don’t get to see one another often.


This is not so much a his-and-hers toy, as only one stimulating toy is involved; however, the control it gives the man may make it plenty stimulating for him as well. The Vibease is a wearable clitoral vibrator that fits inside a woman’s panties; she can wear it to bed, around the house or even out and about, depending on how daring she is. The man can activate the vibrator and vary its speed using an app from any location. At any time.

Couples who use a toy like the Vibease need to discuss ground rules – when will she wear it? How important is the element of surprise here? Are there any blocks of time that will be off limits on a particular day? Working these questions out will ensure that the experience is highly pleasurable without coming at an inopportune time. This toy will likely run partners between $90 and $120, depending on whether it’s on sale.

Clone a Willy

Sometimes a woman wants a particular penis inside her, and when the man possessing that penis is far away, nothing else might feel as good. Now, she can get pretty damn close. This cloning kit comes with a molding gel to make a detailed mold of the penis and silicone to fill the mold with. The finished product looks like real skin. There are Clone a Pussy kits as well, but they only clone the outside (vulva) and aren’t designed to have sex with. The kits are fairly cheap, running under $40 each.

Getting these and other sex toys involved in a couple’s playtime can lead to more frequent sensual activity – which means greater need for penile care. The skin of the penis is delicate and prone to chafing with frequent use and rough handling. Just because a lover is far away doesn’t mean a man can slack on keeping his manhood in peak condition. Using a penis health creme (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) is a great idea, since it packs in natural moisturizers (Shea butter and vitamin E) and even contains the neuroprotective ingredient acetyl L-carnitine, which helps preserve nerve sensitivity in the member. So get some great sex toys, engage with a long-distance lover and take the best care of the penis possible.

Health Consciousness: A Stepping Stone to Veganism

The greater proportion of the global population is shunning those detrimental eating practices and closing in on the health targeted approaches. With the advent of this sudden health consciousness among the peers, it’s only fitting people imbibe freshness and a rejuvenated aspect of living into the hierarchy. Veganism is one such aspect which has just started with its expectancy period and still has a long way to go. With the traditional habits concerning meat and animal produces going out of the window, the focus is gradually shifting towards veggies and fruits for a balanced nutritional chart.

Killing and exploiting the animals is more of a moral impairment which needs to be eradicated as early as possible. One needs to stay in harmony with these living things as it would redefine our existence in the best of ways. This, if deftly put, gives out the idea that meat is for pussies and the humane approach gets a baneful jolt if one lives and goes by the sword. Several business moguls and even the athletes have already incorporated veganism as their way of living, mostly for staying in shape and for having a cleaner gut at all times.

Inspirational Moves are Needed

This is one aspect of living which seldom gets those wiling volunteers. One may consider it as a shameful instance but this is what reality has in store for us. Whilst keeping these ambiguities aside, we must look to cultivate the ideas of veganism at any given cost and inclusion of celebrities into the mix helps us achieve the same. The individuals who are the known and admired faces, do push us all at the brink of attaining this as a method to salvation. Interest levels get a thorough boost and the core beliefs are reset depending upon the mental framework of an individual.

Letting those Vitamins and Nutrients Seep in

Ideas will only push us far enough but the realizations may take us ahead. With the perpetuating ideas largely focused on the vegan athletes diet plan, growing several folds, vitamins and nutritional aspects have to be ascertained well in advance. With calcium supplies in the form of leafy vegetables and zinc sources in those leguminous varieties, veggies and fruits do have these needed options in abundance for a better way of living. These resourceful aspects of a vegan diet have helped debunk most of the related myths and in the modern era many have embraced the same, keeping aside those doubts and inhibitions.

Mitral Valve Prolapse – Healing is Possible – A Case Study

Helen, (not her real name) a tall, attractive seventy-year-old woman, who was a V.P. in her company, had a history of being in relationships with passive aggressive men, which left her disappointed and unsure of herself. This is my fifth long-term relationship, she lamented and I am recognizing after a year of dating, he is passive aggressive the same as my previous relationships. I reassured Helen, she isn’t the only woman who attracted passive aggressive men. Thus, her work began.

It is my custom to take a medical history as well as a psychological history–Helen reported she took medication for a Mitral Valve Prolapse and Depression.

The Mitral Valve is located between the upper left chamber and lower left chamber of the heart. The mitral valve is made of two flaps of tissue that opens and closes in a rhythmic way to allow blood to flow in one direction–from the atrium (upper chamber) to the ventricle (lower chamber). The left ventricle is responsible for much of the heart’s pumping and propels oxygen-rich blood into the arteries. The arteries then carry the blood throughout the body. When the mitral valve doesn’t open and close properly, the flaps may “billow” backward slightly into the upper chamber during the heart’s contraction. This is called mitral valve prolapse (MVP). As a result of MVP, a clicking sound can often be heard when listening to the heart sounds with a stethoscope. In MVP, sometimes small amounts of blood may leak backward into the upper chamber of the heart because the valve does not close properly. This causes a “heart murmur,” although the heart itself is working correctly. The heart has an adequate blood supply, even with the MVP. Prolapsing mitral valves do not usually get worse over time.

I wasn’t surprised at either condition–given her relationship with her family and subsequent relationships with men. Each time Helen left a relationship she lost a piece of herself and became more disillusioned and self-deprecating about her ability to create a healthy relationship.

Traditional Western Medicine (TWM) recommends treatment for Mitral Valve Prolapse to include:

Diet: Nutritionally complete, well balanced. Avoid caffeine and chocolate. Caffeine tends to stimulate the autonomic nervous system and worsen symptoms. Avoid sugar. A surge in blood sugar stimulates the autonomic nervous system and makes symptoms worse. A mid-afternoon high-protein snack is highly recommended. It is recommended to maintain ones weight within the range for height and body structure–fad and crash diets need to be avoided.

Fluids: Adequate fluid intake is important. Many symptoms such as dizziness, weakness, light-headedness, etc. are due to low blood pressure and low blood volume that can be helped through drinking adequate amounts of water. A minimum of 64 ounces of water or non-caffeinated beverages per day are recommended.

Exercise: Regular exercise is necessary to improve fitness and reduce MVP symptoms. Exercise should be aerobic, such as walking, running, bicycling, swimming, etc., and should be discussed in advance with a physician.

Medication: Medication may be required to improve symptoms of MVP.

Except for medication the treatment for Mitral Valve Prolapse is indicated for anyone to maintain a healthy body. However, it is curious that TWM states that medicine may be required to ‘improve’ symptoms of MVP. One wonders why one would settle for ‘improvement’ when healing is possible? Unfortunately, the majority of people do not know healing is possible, because the medical and pharmaceutical treatment does not heal anything. However, since TWM and pharmaceutical treatment is the accepted health model everyone trusts this paradigm without checking other options.

Using Holistic Healing (HH) we know all physical dysfunctions is the unconscious mind’s way to convey a message to the conscious mind. What does the unconscious mind want you to know about a particular body part?

The Heart and Heart Chakra is the center from which feelings of love emanate. It is also associated with other virtuous emotions, such as joy, happiness, honesty, respect, compassion, understanding, and generosity, and with loving oneself in a sincere, non-egotistic way. Conversely, the heart often holds sadness, anger and despair from the many disappointments, betrayal, neglect, etc. we encounter in life. Thus, blocking the love, joy, happiness, honesty, respect, compassion, understanding, generosity, and self-love that inherently intended to flow from ones heart.

Helen accepted the concept of holistic healing and was eager to go to work. However, she was happily surprised when I told her, the Mitral Valve Prolapse could be healed so that she could stop taking the medicine for the MVP and depression.

While there were other issues Helen focused on, for the purpose of this article, I will focus only on her process of healing her heart.

Helen readily reached a deep level of relaxation and I instructed her unconscious mind to focus on her heart. As she focused on her heart, I asked her to describe what the Mitral Valve Prolapse looked like.

H: “I see a dark space.”

N: “How big is the dark space–is it the size of a pea, walnut or something else?”

H: “It is the size of a walnut.” “I am feeling a lot of heaviness and pain.” She rubbed her upper left chest area.

N: “Describe the pain–is it sharp, dull, stabbing, or something else?”

H: “It is like a deep heavy dull pain.”

Tears started to trickle from under Helen’s closed eyes.

N: “Take a deep breath–and blow it out.” “I am going to count from one to three and when I say three you will be in a time and place when your heart absorbed your hurt, sadness, despair, anger or disappointment to help you cope.”

Helen recounted several incidents when she felt neglected and disappointed, because her mother was frequently away from home due to her inability to manage adult life. Her father, although present seemed preoccupied and did not discuss her mother’s absence. Helen was on her own to process the unanswered questions. With no prior experience or tools to sort out the experience she pushed her feelings out of the conscious mind. Given that feelings have energy that energy needs to be either dissipated or put somewhere. Helen put her feelings in her heart as they were heart related. Thus, her heart was overburdened. when any body part is overburdened, it will eventually breakdown.

As the sessions continued, Helen processed all the incidents of neglect, disappointment, fear, anger, sadness, shame and guilt. Her understanding, compassion and love for herself came to her conscious mind as the processing evolved.

After several sessions Helen reported the dark space with the deep heavy dull pain was gone–it showed itself pink with a warm glow. She reported her entire body felt lighter, and freer than she could ever remember.

I advised her to engage the advise of a Naturopath to gradually reduce the amount of medications she took for MVP and depression until she was medication free.

In three months, Helen was medication free, she had tools to manage life’s journey and with understanding, love, joy, happiness, respect, compassion, self-love, generosity and love in her heart, she went on her way to create the relationship she knows she deserves.

1 Misunderstood Habit Reduces Early Ejaculation and Adds Years to Lifespan – Scientists Confirm

Scientists confirm, that the Secret To Increasing Your Health And Sexual Virility Lies In 1 Simple But Misunderstood Habit!

  • Simple, Fun and Easy To Do
  • Amazing Results For Women And Men
  • No Diets or Pills
  • No Specialized Equipment
  • Get Started Tonight!

What if I told you 1 simple and easy thing you can do to help you live longer and make you a better lover?

Would you do it?

Let’s say, you’ve done it before or do it every now and then.

Once you learn how important it is, would you do it every day from now on?

Now you may be wondering…

“If this practice is so easy and so important, and it’s scientifically confirmed, then how come nobody has told me about it before? Must be illegal?”

Nope it’s not illegal though it does share few things with a couple of practices that are very illegal.

However it is something that has been frowned on by some religions and not always considered a “cool” thing to do.

I’m talking about Masturbation!

Now Masturbation really does have a bad rap. It is actually forbidden by some religions. Evangelists once toured the country preaching against it’s evils.

From a very early age, we are taught there is something wrong with touching ourselves and that we are dirty or bad if we do so.

Later we learn that masturbation is something you do because you can’t get anybody else to have sex with you.

Now scientist are discovering that not only does frequent masturbation make you a better lover BUT frequent masturbation actually adds years to your life span.

Men, Masturbation Makes You Better Lover And Actually Adds Years To Your Lifespan

Professor Graham Giles of Australia discovered that men who ejaculate more than five times a week during their 20s reduce their risk of getting prostate cancer by 30%!

“We hypothesize that if you’re not ejaculating often enough, some of that seminal fluid remains in the ducts of the prostate for a longer time than it needs to, and that biochemical changes occur in that fluid in the ducts that might be carcinogenic.”– Dr. Graham Giles

This study ties in with other research suggesting that frequent ejaculation prevents painful urination in old age.

So guys, unless you want to get prostate cancer or endure painful urination in your old age, you need to ejaculate at least 5 times a week!

Now it would be just great if your significant other would help out and have sex with you at least 5 nights a week, 20 days a month, 240 times a year.

But chances are not all of you will get that lucky.

(Pssst…try this one: “Honey, recent studies show men who don’t have sex 5 times a week, are more likely to get cancer and die. You wouldn’t want me to get cancer would you?” Who knows, maybe she’ll go for it. )

And for you single guys, this doesn’t mean run out 5 nights a week and grab just any strange lady from just any where.

Studies also show that the statistical benefits you’d get from frequent ejaculation get canceled out by the risk you run of catching something nasty. Among other things, contracting an std increases your chances of getting prostate cancer.

So what does that leave you with?

You guessed it! That leaves you with YOU!

But there is nothing to be ashamed of any more.

It’s okay to masturbate.

Not only does it put years on you life but, it will make you better in bed.

“A man can learn a lot about being a better lover through masturbation — even if he has a regular partner,” says Peter Sandor Gardos, Ph.D., a San Francisco clinical sexologist.

Masturbation makes men better lovers. Men ejaculating too soon is the most common reason women don’t have orgasms during intercourse. A man who can masturbate for 15-20 minutes without ejaculating is far less likely to suffer from premature ejaculation during sex.

Many men are quick ejaculators due to bad habits they picked up as kids living at home with their families.

“The fear of being found out motivates boys to learn to masturbate to orgasm as quickly as possible,” says Patricia Love, Ed.D., a Houston marriage therapist.

So you have been actually training yourself to ejaculate quickly.

Now that you are an adult, slow down and take your time. Let masturbation become stamina building training sessions. Try to masturbate as long as you can before ejaculating. Your lady lover will love you for it later.

Make Masturbation As Close To Real Thing As Possible!

Of course there is a huge difference between your hard, dry, scaly hand and a woman’s soft and moist vagina. To really get the most out of your stamina training sessions you need to make conditions as realistic as possible.

The closer your masturbation conditions are to a woman’s vagina the better your extracurricular activity will translate into actual bedroom stamina!

Not only that, the more your masturbation feels like real sex, the more you will enjoy it and the stronger your orgasms and ejaculation will be!

Kava Kava for Sex Love and Health

Kava kava is an erotic friend of mine. Which may surprise those who think of this root from the South Seas as a sleep-inducing sedative. And which may dismay those who think of Piper methysticum as a standardized extract or capsule or pill capable of causing liver failure.

As for the latter, my reading, and my own experiences, led me to believe that my liver is quite safe if I restrict my kava kava consumption to water-based preparations. And, again from my own experiences, infusions of the fresh or dried root fermented in water are also far stronger in effect than capsules, pills, or extracts. I let my kava kava brew sit for 1-10 days before use. It seems to get stronger the longer it sits.

As to the former, I found kava kava ready to ease me into sleep, ’tis true, if I wished. I also found a cup or two of the brew ready to help me through a day of work or an evening of play (in bed). As always, the set (what you think is going to happen, or what you set your mind to have happen) and the setting (where you are physically and emotionally) have a lot to do with the effect you experience. Enjoy!


Pussy Pesto
Blend together fresh catnip, olive oil to cover, lots of garlic, and a little sea salt.

Angel Hair Pasta
Whole Wheat tastes best, and builds sexual appetite with B vitamins.

Gar-Lick Bread
Whole wheat sourdough, doused with olive oil, covered with minced garlic, and baked at 350 until hot and crisp – 6-5 minutes. At least two pieces per person.

Sweet Potatties
Rub olive oil on one large sweet potato one per person, bake, covered, for an hour at 350. (OK to put gar-lick bread in to bake at the end.)

Wickedly Wild Salad Greens
Chickweed, garlic mustard, lamb’s quarter, sheep sorrel, wild mints of all kinds, wild madder, dandelion leaves, plantain leaves, violet leaves.

Flowers: dame’s rocket, roses, nasturtiums, pansies, day lilies, tulips, lilacs, lavender flowers, chive blossoms.

Extra virgin olive oil, tamari, and lavender vinegar dress the wild salad.


  • At least 24 hours before your love fest, prepare your brew, using one-half to one ounce of dried kava kava root per person.
  • Pour two cups boiling water per person over cut root in a glass jar (use a quart jar for two people) or an enamel pan (if you expect a crowd).
  • Let brew steep, covered, away from heat, until ready to drink.
  • Serve chilled or warmed, with honey and milk, a little cinnamon or nutmeg if you like.

Hint: When your nose starts to tingle, drink another half glass of kava kava, no more. Then concentrate on love.

Legal Disclaimer: This content is not intended to replace conventional medical treatment. Any suggestions made and all herbs listed are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease, condition or symptom. Personal directions and use should be provided by a clinical herbalist or other qualified healthcare practitioner with a specific formula for you. All material on this website/email is provided for general information purposes only and should not be considered medical advice or consultation. Contact a reputable healthcare practitioner if you are in need of medical care. Exercise self-empowerment by seeking a second opinion.

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Woodstock, NY 12498
Fax: 1-845-246-8081

Digging Deep Into the Fabled Vegetarian Diet Plans

Being a vegetarian one must let go of those fatty burgers and grilled turkey shreds with immediate effect. While missing out on these so called delectable options may sound a shade disheartening, the health aspects are readily taken care of by the myriad vegetarian recipes for athletes. The stricter way of adopting a vegetarian diet would restrain us from enjoying either honey or any kind of animal produce but the sacrifice is often worth the pain, owing to the health based perks on offer. While the major health problems are avoided with considerable ease, the inclusion of fruits and veggies also supplies the essential vitamins and minerals into the dietary framework.

Factual descriptions are quite fitting when the vegan or vegetarian diet plans are enumerated. Regardless of the fact than only 2 percent of the state population is still following a stringent vegetarian diet plan, the options and health benefits are stills being voiced over with the usual gusto. This is slowly driving the flock towards the occasional vegan adoptions in addition to those colorful fruits and grain based essentials. Some people do rely quite heavily on meat and other animal produces as the belief is still doing rounds that protein availability is considerably higher in these non-vegan entities. Consider those oat based diet plans and a bowl of asparagus soup for vanquishing the myths surrounding the aspects of protein deficiency. Higher degrees of sustainability are ensured once we start adopting the vegan diet plan which is in accordance to the implied health associated norms as drafted by the nutritionists.

Vegetarian diet forms usually are quite flexible as compared to the stricter vegan framework. Despite the plentiful attributes to choose from, one thing which stands out to be common is the ensured longevity suggesting a win-win situation for the individuals. Lacto-vegetarians have been the most successful in keeping the essence of a plant-based diet intact by adopting a strict regime with milk being the only outsider. The newest breed which has come up in the modern years is that of the much hyped flexitarians, who are quite willing to include meat depending upon the preferences whereas veggies do form the usual part of their overall diet. In the modern era it is often deemed that meat is for pussies and having the same often justifies mental and spiritual deficiencies.

Be it the protein content or the essential garrison of minerals, veggies have eliminated the risks of heart ailments by reducing the surging cholesterol levels. Legumes and grains shall form the better part of the usual palate so as to reduce the intake of calories and thus eliminate the multiple diseases. It can be furthered inferred that it is not about eliminating meat for leading a healthier life but the inclusion of veggies and fruits into the mix for achieving the same.

Distemper Disease: Symptoms, Treatment, & Prevention Tips

Distemper is a viral disease that attacks the cells of the skin, respiratory tract, intestinal tract, and brain. It can cause a change in the dog’s appearance, nervous disorders, and death. Young puppies are at highest risk of catching distemper, although all unvaccinated dogs are vulnerable to it.

Distemper is sometimes called the “canine plague” due to its contagious nature. Infected dogs and many other animals, including wolves, raccoons, foxes, and minks, can spread the virus, mainly in their breath. A dog’s breath contains the virus particles in minute droplets, much as is the case with human measles. If the infection occurs through inhalation of the virus, it is spread throughout the body by the defensive cells that are trying to capture and kill it. However, you can rest assured for your personal safety because humans are not susceptible to contracting distemper.

What are the symptoms of Distemper?

A puppy may survive a very light infection showing only listlessness and a slight temperature. In acute cases, however, a wider variety of symptoms may appear. In the early stages of the infection, dogs will suffer from fever, a loss of appetite, lethargy, dehydration, vomiting, and diarrhea. A white or green pus-like discharge may run from the eyes and nose, the skin may become spotted with red, pussy abscesses, and the dog’s nose and footpads may become broken and dry. In the advanced stages of infection, brain damage and nervous disorders may develop. Your dog may shake nervously, become restless and moody, and experience blindness and paralysis.

How can Distemper be treated?

If your dog shows any of the symptoms of distemper, don’t delay. Call your veterinarian immediately. Treatment will be based on the stage of infection. Your dog may be administered canine distemper anti-serum, anti-convulsants, antibiotics to prevent secondary bacterial infection, fluids to cure dehydration, medications to stop the diarrhea and vomiting, eye ointment, and vitamins. If your dog survives this lethal disease, she can recover gradually from the symptoms with constant home care under the direction of your veterinarian.

Are there any preventative measures against Distemper?

The key to preventing distemper is vaccination. The first distemper shot should be given shortly after weaning and before a puppy is brought into a new home where she
will be exposed to other dogs. Start vaccinating your puppy against this disease at six to eight weeks. This will consist of a series of shots that end when your puppy is about fourteen to
sixteen weeks old.

During this time, keep your puppy out of any situation where she could come in contact with the disease. Afterward, annual booster shots are necessary to adequately shield your dog from infection. Ignore anyone who tries to persuade you that early immunization will last a lifetime – that myth was repudiated long ago.

Types of Health Problems That a Dog Can Suffer

All dog owners should have the initiative to identify, if their dogs seem to not feel well. Below are types of health complaints that a dog can suffer. It is important that this is a general first aid topic cover and will not cover every situation. It is always very important to seek veterinary advice.


Sensitive skin is sometimes prone to infection. An Abscess may look very similar to a pimple in its appearance but is usually much larger. As the lump grows it mostly forms a core and a pussy head. Dab a mild disinfectant on any cut or sore straightaway to prevent it from becoming an abscess. Do not use a poisonous solution as it is normal for a dog to lick his wounds.

Treatment: If the cut is infected and an abscess forms then veterinarian assistance should be acquired…


This ailment causes inflammation to the joints and bones of a dog. It is important in the dog’s early years to keep up an adequate diet – vitamin rich and non-fattening. If the dog is not carrying much weight then he can cope much better when and if he is attacked by this ailment.

Causes are vague, more common in older dogs and may attack those that are not exercised. It can occur if the animal becomes wet and chilled or is injured in some manner. If he pulls a muscle or dislocates a joint, then arthritis may attack.

Treatment: Sometimes a vet can relieve pain, veterinary assistance is essential if the pain is severe.


Caused by a blow to the body, a lump appears and as a result of the injury, bleeding from damaged blood vessels around the impact area occurs.

Treatment: If the dog is suffering from shock keep him quiet and warm and seek veterinary advice. Do not give him anything to eat or drink. If you believe the injury is more serious than first thought seek veterinary advice.

Otitis externa

Otitis externa or Ear Infections are the most common dog health problem with an estimated 20% of dogs being affected.

The inflammation may be caused by infection, allergy or other causes. Signs of external otitis are head-shaking and scratching and rubbing at the affected ear.

Treatment: If you go to the vet, he may need to tranquilize your dog to clean and flush the ear initially. Apply a few drops of the cleaning solution inside your dog’s ears by using cotton-tipped swab or cotton balls. Do not attempt to clean in the deeper recesses of your dog’s ears.


Obesity is one of the fastest growing health problems in dogs today and can lead to a variety of other diseases and disorders.

In most cases it is caused by lack of exercise and overfeeding. Excess body fact can affect the bones, the joints, the digestive system and the respiratory system – all reducing the well-being of your pet as well as leading to a reduced lifespan.

Treatment: Providing your dog with sufficient exercise and feeding him according to his activity level is the best way to prevent obesity.


Dermatitis or inflammatory disorders is chronic skin disease associated with allergies. The signs associated with dermatitis, consist of itching, scratching, rubbing, and licking, especially around the face, paws, and underarms.
These skin rashes are often caused by allergies, fleas, mange mites, a skin irritant, or bacterial or fungal infections.

Treatment: The most effective long-term solution is to change the dog’s living circumstances to avoid the allergen.